Olanesti is part of Valcea County and is known as the "Golden Sources", named due to the existing springs in the city and their therapeutic powers. 

Besides the therapeutic belts made at existing springs, tourists can visit various attractions in and out the city.

As internal attractions we can list: 

- Visits to the Olanesti Palace(Ceausescu Villa); 

- Turn Bar; 

- Horia from Albac Church, restored and moved to Olanesti; 

- The Water Lily Lake; 

- 24 Spring. 

There are recreational opportunities, such as various indoor and outdoor pools.

Indoor Pools: 

- Spa center - Central Park (thermal water pool - 38 ° C, sulfurous, salt treat rheumatism, arthritis, diseases of the peripheral nervous system); 

- Large indoor Pool - Central Park (thermal water pool - 38 ° C, sulfurous, salty treat rheumatism, arthritis, diseases of the peripheral nervous system). 

Other recreational opportunities: 

- off-road trails (ATV, all-terrain vehicles); 

- summer garden - theater - summer; 

- gym, sauna, massage - Central Park; 

- organized trips for sightseeing area / Valcea county; 

- trips to nearby natural reserves or the monasteries; 

- CLUB HEAVEN disco (at the Olanesti entrance); 

- Restaurants / terraces - in the center and on the Izvoare Alley; 

- Mall, theater, pubs, cafes, clubs in Rm. Valcea (18 km). 

If you opt for hikings outside the city, you can choose one from the following list.

Hiking trails around the resort:

- Olanesti - Tisa Villages and Gurguiata;

- Olanesti - Tisa Villages and Gurguiata – Bradu Hermitage;

- Olanesti - Iezer Hermitage - "Sf. Antonie" Cave;

- Olanesti - Iezer Hermitage - Pahomie Hermitage - Patrunsa Hermitage (we recommend a strict time allocation because it takes 9 hours average to get to Patrunsa);

- Olanesti - Frasinei Monastery;

- To river springs Olanesti;

- Olanesti - "Piatra Scrisa";

- Olanesti – Lacul Frumosl (Mosoroasa).

At hermitages and monasteries you can eat or sleep overnight depending on possibilities and religious rules.

Trained and accustomed to exercise tourists, in Buila- Vanturarita Massifs, can perform the following trails (marked for better orientation in the field):

- Olanesti - Olanesti Valley - Stogu Mount – Cheia Canton - Marking: red stripe; 

- Olanesti – Olanesti Valley - Comanca – Muchia Gropile – Muchia Cainelui – Dosul Pamantului - Lotrisor - Marking: Blue Cross, then blue band; 

- Olanesti – Frasinei Monastery – Dosul Pamantului - Lacul Doamnei – Lotrisor - Marking: unmarked up to Frasinei, then blue band; 

- Olanesti – Cheia Canton - Curmatura Comarnicelor – Stone River – Stone Mountain - Between Rivers - Marking: red triangle; 

- Olanesti - Canton Cheia - Curmatura Comarnicelor - Stone River - Stone Mountain - Stone Peak - Marking: red triangle to Stone Mountain, then red dot; 

- Olanesti - Iezer Hermitage – Pahomie Hermitage - Hermitage Patrunsa – Marking: red cross; 

- Olanesti - Cheia Canton – Capatanii Mountains (Stana Batrana Edge) - Marking: red triangle.

Very important to remember:

- Inform yourself well of any road!

- The road on Cheii Valley is forbidden uphill, although there are some red marks, it is not recommended to follow them because Cheii Valley, extremely damaged, shows alpine difficulties on Cheile Recea.

- Beware of vipers, also reported on the mountains rocks!

- Any of the above routes are not recommended during winter!

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