Olanesti Resort


Baile Olanesti is located in the Central - Southern parat of Romania, at 18 km west of the city Rm. Valcea, in a hillock depression of Meridional Carpathians (altitude 450-475 m). It has a pleasant climate with mediterranean influences, favorable to overall body recovery, characterized by mild winters and cool summers, with average annual temperature of +9 ° C, moderate rainfall and low cloudiness. 

The therapeutic qualities of mineral waters from Olanesti situate the city on one of the first places in Europe, next to cities like Baden - Baden, Karlovy Vary, Aix les Baines.


- By train to Rm Valcea and by buses to the city (about 18 km);

- E 81 (DN 7) Bucharest - Rm Valcea (175 km) and DN 64 A to the resort (18 km), DN 67 Tg - Jiu - Rm Valcea (116 km) plus A DN 64 DN 64 Drăgăşani - Rm Valcea plus DN 64 A, E 81 (DN 7) Sibiu - Rm Valcea plus DN 64 A.


The mineral waters of Olanesti (mineralization 2934-17862% 0),  sulphurous, chlorine, low iodized, bromine, sodium, calcium, magnesium, some oligo other hypotonic and isotonic have special effects in a wide range of affections:

- Chronic liver and bile ducts, states postcolecistectomie, immovable stones gallstones;

- Chronic digestive tract (gastritis, esophagitis, duodenal ulcers, chronic enterocolitis nonspecific stomach surgery);

- Chronic kidney and urinary tract (pyelitis, cystitis, pyelocystitis, kidney stones, kidney stones surgery);

- Allergic diseases of different etiologies (supply units, drug) accompanied by prurituri and polymorphic eruption, allergic contact dermatitis, occupational eczema, various forms of urticaria, psoriasis;

- Nutritional and metabolic diseases (diabetes, dyslipidemia, hyperuricemia, gout, obesity);

- Occupational diseases (chronic poisoning with heavy metals: lead, mercury, arsenic);

- Respiratory (non tubercular allergic chronic rhinosinusitis, chronic asthmatic bronchitis, asthma);

- Cardiovascular disease - hypertension stage I and I / II;

- Peripheral arterial disease;

- Associated disorders (chronic rheumatic diseases, post-traumatic states, peripheral nervous system diseases, chronic gynecological diseases).

Treatment is made by crenotherapy (internal cure) using the 24 sources where you can take mineral water under very hygienic conditions and also injectable, aerosol therapy or by external cure with mineral baths.


- therapeutic cure (crenotherapy) lasting 18 days for digestive, hepatobiliary, renal, dysmetabolic, allergic, dermatologic disorders; 

- recovery cure lasting 12 days for post-trauma disorders, post-intervention surgery  on musculoskeletal (prosthesis), sequela after stroke; 

- primary and secondary prevention cure lasting 6-12 days, the primary one targeting people who work in polluted environment, anti-stress, relaxation and recovery cure; 

- secondary prophylaxis cure with the same duration addresses people who have a certain affection that was treated by therapeutic cure, and targets decay prevention. 

We recommend: 

- repeating cures after 6 months for 2-3 years; 

- adherence to resort specialist prescriptions, indicated diet; 

- direct harvesting of medicinal mineral water from the spring for the therapeutic qualities and walk execution.

Tourist attractions

In Olanesti and surrounding areas:

- Horea Church, Izvoarelor Alley ,Olanesti Park, Special Villa (Ceausescu), thermal pool;

- Cheia Mountain Village, Cheile Cheii (Cheia canton) Iezer Hermitages, Pahomie, Patrunsa, Frasinei Monastery;

- Tisa and Gurguiata Villages, Bradul Hermitage;

- Olanesti Valley;

- Piatra Scrisa;

- Mosoroasa–Lacul;

- Buila-Vanturarita Rezervation.

In Valcea county:

- Voineasa-Vidra with Vidra lake and the new ski slope with modern ski lifts, gondola lift;

- Cozia, Turnu, Stanisoara, Dintr-un lemn, Bistrita, Arnota,Ostrov, Govora monasteries, etc; 

- Govora Spa, Calimanesti - Caciulata;

- Lotru Valley tourist area, Lotrisor Dam;

- Horezu Ceramic Center ("Cocosul de Hurez" International Festival – in June) Horezu Monastery;

- Village Museum – Rm Valcea;

- Wine Museum - Dragasani;

- Trovantilor – Costesti Museum, etc.

Other attractions easily accessible:

- Transalpina Road and Ranca Resort;

- Curtea de Arges Monastery, Vidraru Dam and Transfagarasan;

- Targu-Jiu (Brancusi Assembly, Tismana ), Monastery, Jiu Valley;

- Deva Fortress, Prislop Monastery with the tomb of Father Arsenie Boca;

- Sibiu, Sibiu Surroundings, Paltinis resort,etc.