Customer reviews

Last year we asked about an average location in terms of quality / price ratio located in Olanesti! I received a convincing guidance for Pension Maria!

I contacted the hotel and made the reservation, but when I reached the spot I had the unpleasant surprise to note that only accommodation had occurred in this location, while table and procedures had occurred in another location situated at some distance, so I decided to change the location!

We chose hotel Stogu and we were offered (new for the first time - I basically inaugurated the location) a room in the new "wing" of this hotel!

I mean, I had almost impeccable accommodation conditions, obviously, everything is new and that is not a small thing especially with taste! There should be stated that in the last three days of the ten days the cleaning process was not as rigorous as before and I mean here the cleaning of the sink and the water closet, they also were a bit stingy with the toilet paper - I think it was a slip of the person who was in charge of this, and not the hotel management!

And in terms of procedures, things went relatively well and the staff tried hard - I don't have bad to say on this one!

Some bad comments about the "location" chosen to conduct these procedures, namely in the attic "wing" of the old hotel -  thge location is quite small and inadequate in size and somewhat privacy! I had to climb 4 floors and there's not a happy choice given that there is no lift. and the stairs on the 4th floor leading to the attic are small, cramped and somewhat steep.

In terms of dining here things are less good, in the sense that although there is a new dining room that looks very nice, the food is more than one fixed menu meals and free-choice (I understood that only Izvoare Pension had this possibility - indicating that Stogu Hotel, Izvoare Pension and Maria Pension belong to the same "concern" so to speak)!

Location is still recommended, especially since my visit one year has passed by and some remedies to those things specified by me might have been done! It is distinguished by elegance, but also the natural environment absolutely great - the sound of water over which the new wing of hotel Stogu was built!

I didn't take pictures, but I want to say that the various tourist sites where hotel Stogu is listed have proper photos with the new location, and I didn't allow myself to just copy those photos from there.

Ana J.:

Initially we wanted to accommodate to Izvoare Pension part of the same hotel group with Hotel Stogu and Maria Pension, but Izvoare Pension wasn't opened as it was winter and there were very few tourists, so we went to Hotel Stogu.

We stayed on the 1st floor with view towards the Olanesti river. Rooms looked flawless, everything was clean and there were no problems with the heat, despite the cold outside. Staff at reception and restaurant was very nice, and the food was sensational. I highly recommend this hotel and we wait for our next experience here.